We are proud to announce that Vigilante has been recognized for multiple categories in the Globee Awards® 2021 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards program: 


  • Gold for Advanced Threat Intelligence
  • Gold for Security Product/Service for Enterprise – Large
  • Bronze for Threat Solutions, Hunting, Detection, Intelligence and Response

Cyber threats resulting in data exfiltration, network infiltration, data loss, account activity takeover, compromised customer data, and reputational damage to an organization are increasing at an alarming rate – 2020 had too many examples to count (anyone remember SolarWinds?)

As threat actors become more aggressive and malicious, the burden on IT security professionals becomes greater, and it is more challenging for organizations to gain the upper hand. Further, the entire organization from the C-level down is held responsible for ensuring networks and data are safe from potential threats. Vigilante’s solutions are helping organizations make a fundamental change in their approach to cybersecurity and reprioritize budgets to align with this newly defined reality of a dynamic threat landscape.

Whether an organization is already at risk following a breach, or they are looking to develop a more proactive approach to their security program and could benefit from the ability to carry out tactical cyber offense, Vigilante goes beyond threat intelligence to deliver:

  • Client-specific investigations
  • Bad actor attribution
  • Compromised data
  • Deep targeted intelligence
  • Threat Actor Engagement
  • Asset recovery

Over the last 20 years, threat intelligence tools have largely only offered traditional static ability such as consuming IP reputation feeds. Vigilante is addressing a need in the marketplace for substantiated intelligence where the data is analyzed, synthesized, correlated, corroborated, and actionable. We offer an advanced, scalable, customizable threat intelligence platform, paired with comprehensive services, to increase security posture and protect corporate assets.

Where many other threat intelligence solutions rely on machine learning (ML) to access/assess data, Vigilante is integrated into dark web communities and places where ML simply cannot infiltrate. Vigilante’s operatives have collectively spent decades cultivating trusted personas in dark web communities, engaging directly in the underground to provide real-time intelligence, analysis, and customizable research abilities suitable for any level of sophistication.

Acting as an extension of an organization’s team, Vigilante extends the reach of a client’s existing security resources. The ability for clients to engage with our highly efficient operative teams results in unfiltered, timely and relevant requests. We do the heavy lifting to engage, triage, and curate intelligence that is targeted to the specific needs of each client. Vigilante’s human intelligence increases security posture, mitigates risk, and enables the ability to thwart attacks, protecting reputation and financial vitality.

Many thanks to the Globee Awards for this recognition! We are thrilled to be listed among so many top cybersecurity companies and look forward to continued innovation in 2021, as well as our goal to address three main customer challenges that prevent organizations from protecting against sophisticated attacks: limited external visibility, severe gaps in resources and human expertise, and threat actors moving faster than solutions.

For more information, check out our Resources Page. Additionally, you can request a demo here.

About Vigilante

Vigilante is a global threat hunting and dark web cyber intelligence research team, delivering a combination of vast, unique human intelligence and automation that is targeted for each client to help them identify their biggest risks and defend against the most sophisticated adversaries.