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Exotic Threat Research & Data

Vigilante protects brands and their customers from sophisticated attacks by harvesting the most comprehensive, exotic and timely data within the intelligence marketplace today. Through a combination of automation and real-time alerts vetted by human operatives, we deliver targeted threat intelligence that is consumable, immediately actionable and mitigates risk with minimal effort required by internal IT security teams.

Not Just Another Feed

Our global threat hunting and dark web cyber intelligence research team extends the reach of a company's security resources, and lives within the underground community to remain ahead of emerging threats. Where many other solutions rely on machine learning (ML) to access and assess data, Vigilante is integrated into dark web communities and places where ML cannot infiltrate to offer a blend of open source and human intelligence. We do the heavy lifting to engage, triage and curate intelligence that is targeted to your specific needs.

Our Solutions

Whether a Fortune 500 or SMB, Vigilante’s offerings yield high levels of attack prevention, save time, money and resources, and provide peace of mind. A continuous feedback loop delivers insight into exposures such as vendor compromises, third party incidents, leaked or stolen data, malicious campaigns impacting infrastructure, and attack vectors, tools and techniques.


Operative is our advanced threat intelligence hunting service for enterprise organizations.


Triage is the ideal solution for mid-market organizations seeking to be alerted to emerging or imminent threats.


Accomplice is the partner that SMBs need to be informed about data exposure and relevant chatter.

Breached Files Recovered
Exposed Assets Identified
Botnet Records Exposed

What Customers Are Saying

Vigilante’s intel is precise, actionable and extremely specific. Add the operational efficiency we gain from not fighting fires, controlling loss, and the faster remediation time we would have in the event that a “fire” should occur, and Vigilante surpasses budget expectations.

Director Security Engineering, Global Retailer

The depth of intelligence in Vigilante’s results significantly exceeds its peers, which is largely driven by the extensive dark web forum access. Their data sets had more current information (within recent days) and more abundant historical/archived intelligence. The Vigilante portal is also able to aggregate compromised data and correlate that data more effectively than others we have encountered in the industry.

Big Four Auditor

Vigilante dark web research exceeded our expectations and was far more relevant than what we received from others. Given that we have contracts with all of the major providers of such services, we will be leveraging and recommending Vigilante in a very meaningful manner moving forward.

CMO, Cyber Security Services Company